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Build and Release Team

The Build and Release Team designs and implements the source code management system, build system, and testing framework for Kepler, and maintains this system for use by others. The Build and Release Team ensures that the build system supports production-grade, stable releases of the core components while still making it easy for people to develop experimental extensions that might eventually be stabilized and incorporated in production releases after a staging period for testing and integration.

Team information


  • Derik Barseghian
  • Chad Berkley
  • Matthew Jones
  • Ben Leinfelder

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Technical documentation

Kepler-dev/users Answers

In order to spread the responsibility of ensuring prompt answers on kepler-dev and kepler-users around amongst the group, the following calendar has been created so that each team member may volunteer for a week long assignment of ensuring that any questions on kepler-dev/kepler-users gets a timely answer.  Click here for the calendar.


Red TriangleArchived design documents, use cases, and requirements. Archived material is available as a reference, but may not be current.

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