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Workflow management proposal for 2.0

The following changes, if incorporated into Kepler, would simplify workflow management.

The following changes, if incorporated into Kepler, would simplify workflow management.

(Feel free to move stuff to and from the "For 2.0" and "Future features" sections)

For 2.0

  • The File->Save dialog will save workflows as KARs, accessible from the library pane. This is currently the function of the "Save Archive (KAR)" context option.
  • What was the File->Save functionality will move to a new File->Export option.
  • Workflows saved into the library will be searchable on components in the workflow, as well as tags on the workflow itself.
  • A new File->Save to Remote Repository (or something like that) menu option would allow a user to save a workflow KAR to a repository instead of to the local library
  • Workflows stored in the library can be opened, modified, and re-saved into the library. It would be desirable to maintain multiple revisions of the KAR, but that is not essential at this stage.
  • Possibly allow the modification of workflows in the remote repository. If this were allowed, then version control would become necessary.
  • A manual import of a KAR file into the library should be allowed, to account for sneakernetting of run archives
  • I feel that to reflect the new File->Save semantics, File->Open should semantically be for selecting a KAR file on the disk to open. Given that MOML and KAR are easily distinguishable, though, there's no reason that File->Open should not be able to select either a MOML or a KAR file and take appropriate action. This would be essential, at least during a transition period; I know I wouldn't be the only one tripped up by an inability to open MOML files with File->Open.

Future features

The following stuff is good, but I don't think it needs to hold up 2.0:


  • Proper revisions for KAR files

These would be really nice to have, as it would enable Kepler to reference a certain KAR file, and think of it as immutable, if the revision that you reference is unchanged. Still, I think there are a lot of questions about precisely what constitutes a revision.


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