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User Representation Team

The User Representation Team ensures that the needs of the Kepler user community are met in a timely fashion and that the Kepler user base grows at a steady rate. It provides direction to the other teams and working groups such that their efforts lead to wider adoption of Kepler and greater productivity of our current users.  It reaches out to emerging user communities and seeks to understand the needs that characterize each community.  This team takes responsibility for the production and review of outreach materials such as user documentation, web site content, and newsletters.

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Collaboration Tools

Kepler Usage Scenarios 

The following is a list of links to pages elsewhere on the site that describe, in tutorial fashion, how existing or envisioned new functionality in Kepler could be used or demonstrated from a user perspective.

System Requirements Documents

The following are links to pages elsewhere on the site that describe high-level requirements for Kepler subsystems and features, current or future.


Red Triangle

 Archived design documents, use cases, and requirements. Archived material is available as a reference, but may not be current.

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