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Provenance Interest Group

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All things related to recording, storing, managing, querying, and use provenance information associated to scientific workflows
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Kepler Spacecraft
by Ian Zonja
No replies yet
by Ian Zonja
November 07. 2017
adding provenance source code into eclipse
by mehdi sarikhani
by mehdi sarikhani
January 30. 2012
connect to database to save provenance data
by mehdi sarikhani
by mehdi sarikhani
January 27. 2012
proposed additions to provenance framework stores
by Derik Barseghian
by Shawn Bowers
January 22. 2009
Interfaces to Provenance for REAP
by Derik Barseghian
by Derik Barseghian
November 17. 2008
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