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Building Kepler 1.0


svn co

svn co svn+ssh://

svn co


PTII=<your ptII path>

KEPLER=<your kepler path>


kepler/install/build/install.xml - comment out the packs for the OS you are not building for, and uncomment the pack that you are building for.  i.e., if you are building for OSX, uncomment starting at line 282 <pack name="Mac Base" required="yes" os="Mac">.  Make sure all of the other packs are commented out.  Read the note on line 74 of the install.xml file for the reason why you need (or don't need) to do this.

If you want to install R with the installation, uncomment out the R pack.


ant ptolemy

ant buildkarlib

ant cleanupformac / cleanupforwin / cleanupforlinux (depending on the OS you're building for.  this task is optional.  It just reduces the size of the distribution for each OS)

ant makeinstaller (builds the installer jar file)


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