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Get Involved

The Kepler team welcomes user participation, and there are many ways to get involved: 

Join a mailing list

Please see the Contact Us page for details.

Report bugs or view our future development plans

The Kepler project uses Bugzilla for reporting bugs as well as for sharing future development plans. To begin participating, please register yourself by creating a new bugzilla account.

Join the Kepler developers on IRC chat

Many of the Kepler developers use IRC to chat on a daily basis. We use the '#kepler' channel on for our discussions. See Contact Us for more information about contacting us with IRC.

View Kepler source code online

Note that you don't have to use SVN to access the Kepler source code. It is viewable at:

Download the Kepler source

The Kepler source code is stored in an SVN repository. Kepler offers two types of SVN access: anonymous SVN (read only) and named SVN (initially read-only, but may be upgraded to read-write)

Using the anonymous SVN access is the simplest way to get the Kepler source code. See the Get Kepler Code page for details.

Request a named account for web and SVN access

In order to contribute directly to Kepler, one must use a named account to enable you to make changes to the web site or the SVN repositories.  In general, people with write access should only make changes to modules with which they are directly involved or that they have discussed with the relevant Infrastructure and Development Teams.  Please be sure you have contacted the appropriate Team(s) before you request an account.

To request a named account, send an email to with the following information:

Full name
Email address
Intended use of Kepler
To which Team and module do you intend to contribute?

Named SVN accounts are initially read-only, but will be upgraded to read-write if you become a trial member. See "Become a project member" (below) for more information.

Become a contributor

People who have contributed to Kepler are listed on the Kepler Contributors page and in each of the Kepler releases. Contributions to Kepler are governed by the Kepler Management Charter and by guidelines established by the Kepler Leadership Team.  Individuals can contribute to existing Kepler modules by communicating with the various Infrastructure and Development Teams, and individuals can request that the Leadership Team create new modules to accommodate new contributions that do not fit in an existing module.  You can also communicate with others with shared interests via the various Interest Groups.

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