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Leadership Team

The Kepler Project is dedicated to furthering and supporting the capabilities, use, and awareness of the free and open-source scientific workflow application, Kepler.  Primary responsibility for achieving these goals lies with the Kepler Project’s Leadership Team, which will work to assure the long-term technical and financial viability of Kepler by making strategic decisions on behalf of the Kepler user community, as well as providing an official and durable point-of-contact to articulate and represent the interests of the Kepler Project and the Kepler software application.



  • Mark Schildhauer (through 2010)
  • Timothy McPhillips (through 2011)
  • Bertram Ludaescher (through 2010)
  • Matthew Jones (through 2012)
  • Christopher Brooks (through 2011)
  • Shawn Bowers (through 2012)
  • Ilkay Altintas (through 2011)

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