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Development for Kepler

Kepler's Build System Instructions provides detailed information on downloading and building Kepler in various environments.

You can find weekly builds via at

In terms of collaboration, the Kepler Project is organized around Infrastructure Teams, Development Teams and Interest Groups, as described in the Kepler Management Charter.  Members of teams and groups discuss and collaborate on extensions to the Kepler system, and each team and group has a distinct focus area.  For example, the Kepler Architecture Team focuses on the component architecture for the overall Kepler system, while the Web User Interface Interest Group discusses  commonalities in the various efforts underway to bring Kepler to the web.  Each group working on Kepler operates under a charter that describes its scope, activities, and intended deliverables.  Each group welcomes participation.

Teams development teams Interest Groups
Leadership Team   Distributed Execution
Architecture Team   Web User Interface
Build and Release Team   Provenance
Workflow Sharing
User Representation and Outreach Team    


 Development plans for various releases are detailed in the roadmap:

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