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This is about the tests we should do when release reporting suite. This is not authoritative, comprehensive, or error-free. Please update and improve this as this you go through the process.

Existing Kepler Reporting Suite Release Messages


Reporting 2.3 Add-on Suite

Reporting 2.1 Add-on Suite

Testing Reporting Suite Release


Important tests include checking that the kar contains the relevant artifacts after:

1) creating a workflow and report design and saving to kar

 1b) renaming from canvas context menu, and saving, with or without changes to report design

 1c) uploading and downloading this kar

2) executing after 1), and exporting, uploading, downloading, and opening the resultant run-kar (using the workflow run manager)

3) running headless, with reporting's configuration.xml resultantRunKarDir and/or uploadToServer set to true

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