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Groups that are being proposed develop their mission, charter, and roadmap here to prepare for submission to the management team for approval.

Incubation Template
Distributed Master-Slave Controller
Master-Slave Distributed Execution framework in Kepler is to facilitate Kepler users to harness the power of multiple computing nodes to accomplish computations that would be difficult, time-consuming, or impossible to accomplish on a single node.
Actor & Workflow Design Interest Group
Kepler Execution Monitoring
The primary goal of the Kepler Execution Monitoring (KEM) module is to facilitate the dynamic association of monitoring indicators for the components in a workflow in a way that is both as less intrusive as possible and as informative and easy to read as possible. Although end users (workflow executors as well as workflow designers) are the main target, the module also attempts to provide an API so actor developers can easily take advantage of the functionality perhaps with better control and more possibilities.
Kepler Graphical User Interface
Kepler Engineering View for REAP
Kepler Integration with Clotho
This project illustrates one approach to integrate the Clotho Design Environment with Kepler. Clotho is a design environment for synthetic biological systems. The goal is also to develop new actors which will be based on operations available in Clotho for the physical assembly of DNA sequences. This effort will be part of the 2009 International Genetically Engineered Machine (iGEM) competition. For more info on Clotho see: (information and downloads). For the integration effort see: (actors and workflows).
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