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Kepler 2.2 Release Roadmap

This is a roadmap for the release plans for Kepler 2.2. We currently have broad agreement about the goals and approaches for this release as articulated in this document, but the final document awaits endorsement by the Kepler Leadership Team.


  • Feature freeze:  January 15, 2011 (tentative)
  • Release date: February 15, 2011 (tentative)
  • Goals for Kepler 2.2 release

    Kepler 2.2 will target bug fixes and minor cleanup from 2.0 and 2.1 releases.

    A brief discussion of the targeted feature list is summarized at the Tentative List of Kepler 2.2 Features document.  See also the Bugzilla bugs targeted for 2.2 (if you are logged in to Bugzilla, you will see effort estimates).

    Focal deliverables for Kepler 2.2

    Although there have been many changes to Kepler encompassing both bug fixes and enhancements (see the open bug and enhancement list, and closed bugs), there are some critical sets of features and changes that will define the release, as listed here.

    • Module system (bugs 5093, 5065, 5070, 5073)
      • Module manager can leave kepler in broken or unexpected states (5093)
      • In shared or administrative installations, the ability to store modules.txt and extra modules locally. This way, the module manager will work smoothly on Windows without having to run as an administrator. (5065)
      • Changing the "Available Modules" tab in the Module Manager to "Available Suites and Modules" (5070)
      • In module manager, display the current suite name as well as a fully resolved list of modules. (5073)
    • Testing (bugs 5095, 5084)
      • Test kepler and wrp for memory leaks (5095)
      • Allow test releases in the same location as actual releases (5084)
    • Build System (bugs 4191, 4342, 4642, 5097, 5074, 4801, 5026, 4324)
      • Eclipse build is slow the first time "Copying resources to the output folder"(4191)
      • Apple-extensions module on windows make Eclipse build difficult (4342)
      • Memory usage & slowdowns (4642)
      • Eclipse build fails because of invalid archive (5082)
      • accepts a limited number of arguments (5097)
      • Fix the release process so modules can be released from Windows machines. (5074)
      • Out of memory error in 2.0 (4801)
      • Error dialog pop up in RC3 when closing the ImageJ window after workflow execution. (5026)
      • ptII/module-info/revision.txt not being updated (4324)
    • Documentation (5085)
      • Add table of contents to User's Guide (5085)

    Candidate foci for the next release, and/or independent module releases

        * None agreed upon yet.


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