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Kepler 2.1 Release Roadmap

Kepler 2.1 Release Roadmap


  • Feature freeze: Aug 24, 2010 (tentative)
  • Release date: Sep 30, 2010 (tentative)
  • Goals for Kepler 2.1 release

    Kepler 2.1 will target bug fixes and additional features necessary for the Reporting suite to be released (and other add-on modules).

    A brief discussion of the targeted feature list is summarized at the Tentative List of Kepler 2.1 Features document.  See also the Bugzilla bugs targeted for 2.1 (if you are logged in to Bugzilla, you will see effort estimates).

    Focal deliverables for Kepler 2.1

    Kepler 2.1 will have bug fixes so add-on modules can work properly. Notably, the "Import Dependent Modules" feature will be made to work. See discussion here. This necessitates refactoring and some additional features in the vanilla Kepler modules. 

    Candidate foci for the next release, and/or independent module releases

        * None agreed upon yet.

    How to check out a working copy of Kepler 2.1

    Instructions on how to check Kepler 2.1 out of the svn repository.  See also Kepler Build System Summary.

    rm -rf ~/KeplerData ~/.kepler
    mkdir kepler-2.1
    cd kepler-2.1
    svn co
    cd build-area
    ant change-to -Dsuite=kepler-2.1

     Then edit kepler-2.1/module-manager-2.1/resources/configurations/configuration.xml and change <releaseLocation>:


    Then run Kepler:

    ant clean-all run

    When Kepler starts up, the Welcome window may say Kepler-2.0.  Do not worry.  The next step is to do Tools | Module Manager | Available Suites and Modules.  Then select "Kepler-2.1.0" and use the arrow key to move it to Selected Modules and hit "Apply and Restart"

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