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Transferring Data from SPAN to DataTurbine with SpanToDT

This document describes how to run SpanToDT, a program that transfers sensor data and metadata changes from SPAN to a DataTurbine server.

NOTE: The examples on this page using ant should be run from the kepler.modules/sensor-view/ directory.


You can run SpanToDT with the default arguments using ant:
ant run-spantodt
Or specify arguments with -Dargs:
ant run-spantodt -Dargs="-v -flush 500"



SpanToDT accepts several command-line arguments:

ant run-spantodt -Dargs="-h"

    -archive n   size of archive (default 1000000)
    -detach n    number of flushes per detach (default 60 [3600 seconds])
    -dh host     dataturbine host (default localhost)
    -dp port     dataturbine port (default 3333)
    -fakesource  generate fake sensor data instead of reading from SPAN.
    -flush n     how often to flush (default 60 seconds)
    -h           print this help.
    -metadata n  how often to write sensor metadata (default 1 minutes)
    -sh host     span host (default localhost)
    -v           print verbose output.


SpanToDT is included in the sensor-view utility jar, which can be created by doing the following:

ant sensorview-utils-jar


If running SpanToDT on a different machine than SPAN, and the SPAN server is behind a firewall, you will be prompted for a password. In this case, use -DKEPLER_PWD_INPUT_METHOD=STDIN to prompted for the password from the command line.

java \
  -cp sensorview-utils-1.0.jar \
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