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Deployment Components Overview

This page describes the components on the Linux PC deployed with the data logger.

The following diagram shows the major components on the deployed PC. A SPAN server communicates with the data logger(s), collecting data and providing a control interface for sensors. SpanToDT collects the sensor data and information about metadata changes from SPAN and transfers them to a locally running DataTurbine server. Instructions on starting DataTurbine can be found here; information on running SpanToDT is here.



The following table lists the files used on a deployed PC.

Files Description
 dcd_mgr, cr1k_d, cr10x_d, crio_d, sdi12_d, vaisala_wxt_d, webcam_d SPAN binaries Script that converts native data logger program into SPAN configuration file
/etc/init.d/ Script to start/stop SPAN server
 rbnb-3.2b3.jar DataTurbine
/etc/init.d/ Script to start/stop DataTurbine
sensorview-utils-1.0.jar  JAR containing SpanToDT and MirrorDT
/etc/init.d/ Script to start/stop SpanToDT
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