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Running Sensor Simulator

Instructions for running the sensor simulator

 Running Sensor Simulator

  1. Change to the sensor-view suite and make sure sources are up to date and compiled
    ant change-to -Dsuite=sensor-view
    ant update compile
  2. Start the simulator
    cd ../sensor-view
    ant sensorsim

     Running the simulator with -v will print information about sensors turning on or off, changing sampling rates, etc.

     ant sensorsim -Dargs="-v"
    The -h option will display all the command-line options.

Importing from Sensor Simulator

You can create an Engineering View workflow of the sensor site by importing from the simulator.
  1. Start Kepler with sensor-view suite
  2. Select File->Import Sensor Site->From SPAN Host
  3. Use localhost in dialog
This will create a workflow containing actors for all the sensors, the data logger and span host.
sensor view screenshot, not running
If you run the workflow, the sensors change color to denote on or off, and display the latest data sample and time it was taken.
 sensor view screenshot, running
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