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Configuring and Running DataTurbine

This page describes how to start a DataTurbine server from the command line.


To start DataTurbine:

java -jar /Applications/RBNB-V3.2B5/bin/rbnb.jar -a yourhost:3333 -n dataturbine -H /var/rbnb_archive


Here's a description of the arguments:

-jar /Applications/RBNB-V3.2B5/bin/rbnb.jar The location of the rbnb.jar that comes with DataTurbine.

-a yourhost:3333 The host name and port of the server (if localhost used, server will not be accessible externally).

-n dataturbine The name of the DataTurbine server.

-H /var/rbnb_archive  The location where DataTurbine server stores its data. The same location should be used each time you start the server.

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