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Configuring and Running SPAN

How to configure and run the SPAN software

Generate SPAN Configuration File

To generate the SPAN configuration file:

./ conf/sq110_and_bps.CR8 span.cfg

where sq110_and_bps.CR8 is a CRBasic program and span.cfg is the name of the SPAN configuration file to write.


To start SPAN:

./cr1k_d CR800 span.cfg
./dcd_mgr span.cfg

where CR800 is the id of the datalogger.

Once these are running, you can connect to port: 

* 55055 for issuing commands

* 55056 for saved data and metadata -- WARNING, this will output and then remove all buffered data in the pending directory

* 55058 for live data

* 55059 for live metadata


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