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Reporting 2.5 Suite Released

We are pleased to announce the release of the Reporting 2.5 suite for Kepler 2.5. The Reporting suite includes the ability to create reports displaying workflow results, capture the provenance of workflow execution, and manage workflow runs.

Significant changes to the Reporting suite include:

  • New Profiling module showing execution information for current and past workflow runs.
  • The outputs of graphical actors can now be displayed for past workflow runs.
  • Provenance can now be saved in PROV format.
  • Exported workflow runs include PROV provenance.


The Reporting 2.5 suite can be installed using the Module Manager in Kepler 2.5 and Kepler 2.4. If you have an older version of Kepler, we recommend that you first download and install Kepler 2.5, and then use the Module Manager to install the Reporting 2.5 suite. Kepler 2.5 can be downloaded from:


The Reporting 2.5 suite is comprised of the following modules:

  • Reporting: creates PDF reports of workflow results.
  • Workflow Run Manager: searches, tags, exports, imports past workflow runs.
  • Profiling: view execution information for current and past workflows runs.
  • Provenance: captures and queries workflow execution history.
  • Tagging: manages and organizes workflows and workflow executions.
  • Workflow Scheduler: schedules workflows for periodic execution on a remote server.

Detailed documentation for each of these modules is available from the Kepler Help => Modules Documentation menu, or online:

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