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Kepler 2.1 released, Sept 30, 2010

The Kepler Project is pleased to announce the release of Kepler 2.1.

Kepler 2.1 may be downloaded and installed through the Kepler 2.0 Module Manager, accessible from the Tools menu. In the Module Manager change to the Available Modules tab, move kepler-2.1.0 from Available Suites to Selected Modules using the right-arrow, and click Apply and Restart.

Kepler 2.1 includes the following features and bug-fixes:

* To support module dependencies, File->Save and Save As have been replaced by new Save and Save As actions, which save the workflow and all necessary metadata and module artifacts into a KAR (workflows may be saved as MoML xml files using File->Export).
* The KAR format has been updated to 2.1. The manifest module-dependency attribute now lists all modules in use when written.
* A New KAR compliance mode preference has been implemented, allowing precise Kepler environment replication. When opening a KAR, a user set to Strict is prompted to use the exact versions of the modules that created the KAR.
* The Kepler Library has been upgraded to use MetaCat 1.9.3, and the library skin has been improved:
* Improvements to patching, suite resolution, and the Module Manager have been made, including a user preference for checking for patches on startup.
* The Import Dependent Modules for KAR feature has been fixed (bug #5099)
* Fixed error dialog when closing an ImageJ window after workflow execution (bug#5026)
* Property settings given to or kepler.bat now work (bug#5115)
* Fixed crash when semantically annotating a workflow with remote data-source during Save Archive (bug#5051)

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