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Kepler 2.5 released

Kepler 2.5 contains numerous bug fixes and enhancements, and provides a platform for the upcoming releases of bioKepler and the Reporting Suite.

Significant changes include:

  • Java 7 or newer is required.
  • Composite actors can now be opened in tabs instead of separate windows.
  • New language actors and demo workflows for Javascript, Beanshell, and Groovy.
  • Syntax highlighting for language actors.
  • New control flow actors: IfComposite, LoopComposite and SwitchComposite.
  • New RecordOperation actor to modify records.
  • Splash screen now shows startup progress.
  • Change suites or install patches from the command line.
  • Create screenshots of workflows using the command line.
  • HSQL upgraded to version 2.
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