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Kepler Workshop at ICCS 2016

The third Advances in the Kepler Scientific Workflow System and Its Applications Workshop was held at ICCS 2016.

The workshop program is below and the papers may be found in Procedia Computer Science Volume 80

Session 1

Kepler WebView: A Lightweight, Portable Framework for Constructing Real-time Web Interfaces of Scientific Workflows Daniel Crawl, Alok Singh, Ilkay Altintas
A Smart Manufacturing Use Case: Furnace Temperature Balancing in Steam Methane Reforming Process via Kepler Workflows Prakashan Korambath, Jianwu Wang, Ankur Kumar, Jim Davis, Robert Graybill, Brian Schott, Michael Baldea

Running simultaneous Kepler sessions for the parallelization of parametric scans and optimization studies applied to complex workflows Michał Owsiak, Marcin Plociennik, Bartek Palak, Tomasz Zok, Cedric Reux, Luc Di Gallo, Mireille Schneider, Thomas Johnson, Denis Kalupin

Forest fire spread prediction system workflow: an experience using Kepler Tomàs Artés, Daniel Crawl, Ana Cortes and Ilkay Altintas


Session 2


Kepler + CometCloud: Dynamic Scientific Workflow Execution on Federated Cloud Resources Jianwu Wang, Moustafa Abdelbaky, Javier Diaz-Montes, Shweta Purawat, Manish Parashar, Ilkay Altintas

Natural Language Processing using Kepler Workflow System: First Steps Ankit Goyal, Alok Singh, Shitij Bhargava, Daniel Crawl, Ilkay Altintas, Chun-Nan Hsu

Two-level dynamic workflow orchestration in the INDIGO DataCloud for large-scale, climate change data analytics experiments Marcin Plociennik, Sandro Fiore, Giacinto Donvito, Michal Owsiak, Marco Fargetta, Roberto Barbera, Riccardo Bruno, Emidio Giorgio, Dean N. Williams, Giovanni Aloisio
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