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Kepler 2.4 released

Kepler 2.4 contains numerous bug fixes and enhancements, and provides a platform for the upcoming releases of bioKepler ( and the Reporting Suite.

Significant updates include:
  • Better support for running KAR workflows on the command line.
  • Display and plotting actors write their text or images to files when run headless with the “-redirectgui” option.
  • Workflow demos now appear in the actor library.
  • New workflow demos for branching and looping.
  • Documentation added for many actors and parameters.
  • Recent history added to the file menu.
  • Entities in a workflow can now be searched in the outline tab.
  • Over 100 additional Ptolemy actors are included in the actor library.
  • The Job actors now support the LSF scheduler.
  • The SDF Director now defaults to one iteration.

 For the list of completed features and bug fixes, see Redmine: closed 2.4 bugs

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