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Kepler 2.2 released, June 15, 2011

We are pleased to announce the Kepler 2.2 release. Probably the single most important change from a user perspective is greater efficiency in how much memory long running workflows consume. In addition to that, there have been important incremental improvements to the GUI, to the module manager, to patching, to the build system, to the installation process, to the kar system, to startup scripts, and more. We also have fixed many bugs that affected the user experience. For example, it is now possible to install Kepler in a write-only area and yet users will still have the power to switch amongst installed Kepler configurations locally, improving the user experience w.r.t. system administration issues.

Finally, Kepler 2.2 has moved to Java 1.6. Users who are still working from Java 1.5 are urged to upgrade as the use of Java 1.5 with Kepler 2.2 or higher is no longer supported.

Thanks to everyone whose hard work made this release possible! There have been many bug fixes and Kepler is greatly improved thanks to your efforts.

To download Kepler 2.2, please go to the Kepler downloads page.

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