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Provenance Interest Group

This group discusses features of and identifies integration points between the current provenance implementations in Kepler. The goal of this group is to evolve into a task group that will consolidate ongoing provenance work. Examples to discussion points are the provenance framework and recorder, current data models for provenance and provenance viewer

Other interest groups may use this groups outcome as an underlying system to focus on usage of provenance information for different purposes including failure recovery, smart rerun, caching, smart restart and analytics.

Membership is open. Please add yourself to the list of participants!

Interest Group Information


  • Tim McPhillips and Ilkay Altintas (points of contact)
  • Bertram Ludaescher
  • Daniel Crawl
  • Manish Kumar Anand
  • Shawn Bowers
  • Derik Barseghian
  • Ben Leinfelder
  • Matt Jones
  • Debi Staggs

Previous Participants

  • Aaron Schultz

Collaboration Tools


Red TriangleArchived design documents, use cases, and requirements.

Archived material is available as a reference, but may not be current.

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