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Road Map

Architecture Team planned and proposed milestones and activities.


  • We release a version the Kepler kernel that (1) includes an Extension Loader for loading the rest of the Kepler Kernel and any locally installed Kepler extensions, (2) allows actors not included in the base system to depend on jars not in the base system, (3) allows extensions to specify additional configuration independently of the base system, (4) and allows extensions to provide and access resources independently of those provided by the base system.
  • Scientists report that they can download the ppod extension and the extensions ppod depends on (from a central repository or a simple web site), configure a previously installed instance of the Kepler base system to use these extensions, and then use all of the actors, workflows, and GUI customizations available in the ppod preview release without reinstalling or rebuilding Kepler.


Refactoring for Extensions

  • Develop a list of bundles and their java packages
           - see Bundle Package List
  • Refactor existing Kepler code base into bundles


  • Develop tests for core framework that validates system functionality
  • Integrate refactored Kepler into nightly test system

Component Architecture

  •  Develop architecture diagram



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