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Framework Team Glossary: Definitions of key terms used to describe the overall framework architecture for Kepler.

Term Synonyms
Kepler kernel kernel
The software subsystems always present in any running instance of Kepler.  The kernel comprises the execution engine, the extension loader, and the run-time documentation system.
Kepler extension extension
A software subsystem that interacts with the Kepler kernel or with other extensions via the extension framework.
Standard extension
A Kepler extension included in a standard distribution of Kepler.
Extension framework
The set of software subsystems and tools that together are used to support extension of Kepler, including the extension loader and the extension SDK.
Extension loader
The kernel subsystem responsible for loading the extensions present and enabled in an installation of Kepler.
Extension SDK
Kepler SDK
The set of libraries, APIs, and tools used by engineers to implement and package Kepler extensions.
Execution engine
The kernel subsystem responsible for executing workflows.
A self-contained package used to transport extensions that can contain any of the following: compiled code, documentation, resources, data, workflows, components, etc…  as well as any metadata needed by the Extension Framework for loading and using those resources in conjunction with the kernel and/or other extensions.
Bundle Release
A particular versioned bundle distributed via a web site or source code control system.
Workflow component component
Any software subsystem that can be represented on the workflow design canvas, e.g. an actor or a director.
Kepler distribution
A transportable packaging of the Kepler kernel, zero or more extensions, and the Kepler installer.
Kepler base system base system The Kepler kernel and the full set of standard extensions included in a standard Kepler distribution.
Standard Kepler distribution
standard distribution
A distribution of Kepler prepared by the Build & Release Team and comprising the Kepler base system and the Kepler installer.
Custom Kepler distribution
custom distribution
A distribution of Kepler that includes the Kepler kernel and may include any number of standard and non-standard extensions. 
Workflow specification
A definition of a workflow that may or may not include bindings to specific input data sets or parameters.
Workflow run
The event of running a workflow on a particular set of input data.
Workflow archive

A packaging of a workflow specification and optionally the actor packages, system extensions, and 3rd-party packages the workflow depends on.
Self-contained workflow archive

A workflow archive that includes within in it all the dependencies required for running the workflow in a particular standard distribution of Kepler.
Run archive

A packaging of a (possibly self-contained) workflow archive with all of the data bindings and parameter values for a workflow run and optionally including (a) the actual data input to and produced by the run (rather than just references),(b)  intermediate data products, and (c) the data dependencies that comprise the provenance of the output data.
Self-contained run archive

A run archive that includes, at minimum, a self-contained workflow archive, and all of the data input to and produced by a particular run of the included workflow.
Ad hoc Kepler distribution
A packaging of one or more self-contained workflow archives with a distribution of Kepler that the included workflows can run in.
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