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Update Ptolemy Third Party Package Dependencies

Kepler uses Ptolemy II and Ptolemy II optionally includes third party packages. See below for a description of what files need to be updated to exclude a Ptolemy II third party package.

Some of the Ptolemy II Java code imports third party packages.  Most of this Java code is not required by Eclipse.  Below is a list of files to be updated:

If the package is to be included in the Kepler build, edit:


If the package is to be excluded from the Kepler build, edit:

Add the package
Add a description of why the Ptolemy II package is excluded

The ptolemy-includes file is processed first (that is, anything not listed matching a pattern in ptolemy-includes is excluded) and then ptolemy-excludes (which further eliminates particular files that survived implicit removal but match the patterns in ptolemy-excludes).

 Furthermore, keep in mind that such changes will also necessitate changes in files used in IDE generation, especially:

Add the package to be excluded

Note that we used to have to update kepler/build-area/resources/eclipse/PtolemyClasspathStart, but after 2011-10-07, r28772, this is no longer necessary.

See Ptolemy Package Dependencies for information about non-third party Ptolemy II package dependencies.
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