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Kepler Installer Checklist

Are you creating a Kepler installer? Here's a handy checklist to peruse before deploying it.


Did you build a Kepler installer? Here's a handy checklist to run through before deploying:

Presentation Checks

  1. The Windows installer should create an icon on the desktop by default.
  2. The exe or bat file that starts the application should be made clear to the user.
  3. The installer should leave a window open which has introductory information on Kepler or the release and a link to the directory in which Kepler was installed.

Content Checks

  1. The starting page (start.html) should be updated/refreshed at each release.
  2. The version number should be updated on all the related files.
  3. README file should be updated for contributors and collaborating projects.
    1. The acks in kepler/common/configs/ptolemy/configs/kepler/doc-index.htm should be updated.  For the Ptolemy II acks, see  It is probably also a good idea to ask Christopher if there are updates.
  4. The quick links page (intro.html) needs to be updated.
  5. Check that the file names are not longer than 256 characters.  Windows has a 256 character limit in file names, see Bug 4261 - Long file name on windows


The Windows installer should probably create a group in the Start menu and then ask if the user wants a desktop and/or quick launch icon. At the end of the install, the installer should ask if the user wants to view the readme or not.



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