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The Serpens add-on suite includes:

  • serpens
  • vine-toolkit
  • unicore
  • glite
The Serpens – vine:toolkit module provides a way for accessing GRID resources
through Kepler workflows:
• upload/download data to/from UNICORE storage
• submit jobs into UNICORE
• check statuses of the running jobs
• retrieve Standard Output and Standard Error of HPC job
• retrieve HPC job outcome
The Serpens UNICORE module provides a way for accessing HPC resources through Kepler workflows:
• Query UNICORE registry and obtain information about available resources.
• Upload/download data to/from UNICORE storage.
• Submit jobs into UNICORE sites.
• Check statuses of the running jobs.
• Retrieve Standard Output and Standard Error of UNICORE job.
• Retrieve UNICORE job output generated by application started at HPC machine.
• Use BES (Basic Execution Services) to submit and monitor job.
The Serpens gLite module provides a way for accessing grid resources through the Kepler workflow. It allows users to:
• list available services for given grid virtual organization,
• upload and download many files in parallel,
• prepare, submit and resubmit jobs,
• manage jobs.
Additionally, the gLite module contains error prevention mechanisms that work in the background of actors behavior. It gathers information about encountered failures of storage and computing elements and later reuses working and avoids broken parts. It is also assured that simple job submission error will be recovered automatically if possible.
For more information, please see the Serpens suite documentation.
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