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Sensor Platform and Sensor View

The Kepler Sensor Platform enables:

  • monitoring and visualizing field-deployed sensor sites and data streams
  • controlling sensor sites manually or automatically (e.g. for event response)
  • sensor data analysis, modeling, archival, and archive retrieval
  • scheduling repeated jobs (e.g. sensor data archival, site status reports, QA/QC) for periodic, remote execution
  • simulating sensor sites

The Sensor View Add-on Suite is the client portion of the Kepler Sensor Platform.

The Kepler Sensor Platform consists of a flexible set of components that may be partially or entirely adopted to help you manage sensor site deployments. A typical scenario has components installed in three areas:
1) Field Components:  A PC running the Sensor Processing and Acquisition Network (SPAN) for datalogger or sensor communication, and a DataTurbine as on-site ring buffer.
2) Server Components: A server running a DataTurbine as buffer and data provider, Scheduler and Kepler Run Engine web services for periodic, remote workflow executions, and a Metacat repository for archiving sensor data and workflow run results.
3) Desktop Components: Desktop computers interacting with the Kepler Sensor Platform through the Sensor View 0.9 add-on suite for Kepler 2.3.
Kepler Sensor Platform Arch Diagram
REAP Image Example REAP Site Layout Workflow Example REAP Workflow PAR Plot Example REAP Daily Report Example REAP Plotting 2 PAR Sensors Example REAP Datalogger Wiring
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