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Contact Us

Do you have a question, comment or suggestion to pass along to the Kepler team?  Please contact us via one of our email lists, report a bug, peruse the development areas of the website and the forums, or join the Kepler developers on IRC. As a community we appreciate your input and do our best to respond promptly.

Post to or read our mailing lists:


If you have questions or comments related to using Kepler, please subscribe to the kepler-users (see archives) mailing list. This list is intended mainly as a support channel.  A searchable copy of the archives is here:


Subscribe to this low volume, moderated list to receive Kepler-related announcements, such as releases and news items.

Report a bug:

The Kepler project uses Redmine for reporting bugs as well as for sharing future development plans. To participate in future plans, report bugs, and receive progress updates, please register here for an account.

Developer's Forums and Email lists

Development activities are organized through the Kepler Infrastructure Teams, Development Teams, and Interest Groups.  These groups of collaborating Kepler contributors use the Kepler Developers' web site to organize their development activities and the Kepler development forums to discuss design and development issues for the project.



In addition, individuals can join the Kepler-dev (see archives) mailing list to interact with the rest of the development team. This list is for technical discussions of how to build and extend Kepler itself. Usage questions should be directed to the kepler-users list.  A searchable version of the mail archive is available here:

Join the developers on IRC:

Many of the Kepler developers use IRC to chat on a daily basis. We use the '#kepler' channel on for our discussions. To use IRC:

1. Download and install an IRC client. Some popular clients for Mac OS, Windows and Linux include:

Colloquy (Mac OS)




2. Connect to the IRC host:

3. Once you have connected to the server, you need to connect to a "channel", which represents a discussion room. The discussions for kepler occurs in the channel "#kepler", so you would use the command  /join #kepler to enter the Kepler discussion. We do use other channels as well, so be sure to use IRC's /list command to find out which channels exist and are active when you connect. Note that you can be "in" more than one channel at a time, and most clients show this as separate windows.

Once you are connected, you might find some of the following commands are also useful from time to time:

/nick newName       Changes your nickname.

/query nick         Opens a private discussion with someone.

/list               Displays a list of all channels on the server.

/topic newTopic     Changes the channel topic.


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