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Includes documentation on using software developed by the Build and Release Team.

Instructions and Overview of the Kepler Build System.
Feature list and instructions for the Kepler build system.
Abstract Module Tree
Ppod Module Tree
NMI Build Notes
Developing a Hello World Actor using the Kepler Build System and Eclipse
A tutorial about how to develop a simple actor.
Module-based additional software installer
A requirements document for module-based custom installers.
Proposed usage scenarios for publishing and patching Kepler modules
Releasing and Patching
Eclipse New Java Class Window
A screen shot of the Eclipse "New Java Class" window right before Finish is selected.
Eclipse Organize Imports Window
The Eclipse Organize Imports Window with selected.
Eclipse Override/Implement Window
The Eclipse Override/Implement Window with the method selected.
Eclipse Run Configuration Window for HelloWorld
The Eclipse Run Configuration window for the HelloWorld example
Eclipse Run Configuration New Configuration Button
The New Configuration button in the Eclipse Run Configuration Window.
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