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Search Dialogs


Red TriangleThe content on this page is outdated. The page is archived for reference only. For more information about current work, please contact the GUI Group.


Proposed dialog windows for simple search, search data sources and Earthgrid, and advanced search.

Simple Search

Note: See actor and data tabs page

for current and proposed redesign of simple search.

Data Sources and Search Ecogrid Dialogs

Design Rationale:
  • Reorganize data source and ecogrid search dialogs to remove confusion. Give user specific choices of what to search. Organize document types as subchoices of nodes.
  • Use UI elements appropriately.
  • Add advanced search dialog for data and components.

Current Data Sources Dialog


Proposed Data Sources Dialog


Current Search Ecogrid Dialog


Proposed Search Ecogrid Dialog

Note: one change yet to be made -- dual list boxes in bottom section so user can see which set of nodes they are asking to be added to their list in the data sources dialog box before hitting okay in this dialog.


Advanced Search Dialogs

Proposed Advanced Search for Data



Proposed Advanced Search for Components



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