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Get Kepler Code

Check out the Kepler source code from SVN

Kepler extends the Ptolemy II system and therefore much of the development occurs in Java. All Kepler code is open source and licensed under the terms described in the copyright.txt file in the distribution.

Get the Source

To successfully compile and install Kepler, you must check out both the Kepler and Ptolemy source trees from their respective Subversion (SVN) repositories. A Java 1.5 compiler (javac) is required. For step-by-step instructions, as well as answers to some common installation problems, please see the Build System Instructions.

Eclipse and other IDEs can be used as a development environment for Kepler. For step-by-step instructions for downloading, installing and configuring Eclipse; connecting to the Kepler SVN repository; and checking out and building the source, please see the Build System Instructions.

Kepler Nightly Build

The Kepler nightly build is a available at

Untested, development-grade installers are available.

Please note that the nightly build is automatically built each day at noon Pacific time and the resulting installers are not tested

We recommend that you check the build results of the nightly build before downloading and running it.


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